Biosal Mould free


0,5 Liter Spray-bottle

5,0 Liter can

The main target by the development of BIOSAL Mould-Free was the use in living rooms and

therewith the perfect human agree. Therefore BIOSAL Mould-Free can be used also in sensible

romms (e.g. childrenīs rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, clinics).

BIOSAL Mould-Free is a concentration of natural enemies of Mould and invented by the BIOSAL Research and Development Department as multi function product. In the first step BIOSAL Mould-Free dissolves the mould to remove in the second step the breeding ground.Nevertheless it is necessary to redevelope the causes of dampness on a longterm basis. 
You can spray with BIOSAL Mould-free (shake before using) the used area up to saturation or as long as you can recognize colouring (lightening) and BIOSAL starts to run down the wall. Then BIOSAL Mould-free has to be distributed with a sponge or paintbrush equally.