BIOSAL Mould free - Mounting


For dissolving all mould spores and to remove the breeding ground of the mould the used area has to extend up to 50 centimetre over the attacked area. 

Before mounting, floor and furniture has to be protected against wet damaging and perhaps existing wallpapers have to be removed also before starting to work.

Now you can spray with BIOSAL Mould-free (shake before using) the used area up to saturation or as long as you can recognize colouring (lightening) and BIOSAL starts to run down the wall. Then BIOSAL Mould-free has to be distributed with a sponge or paintbrush equally. 

Before starting the next step you have to wait about 15 - 20 minutes.


After 15 - 20 minutes the attacked areas have turned to white and can be cleaned with a putty knife or wire brush till you cannot see any mould nest.

In obstinately cases you have to repeat the dissolve and removal after 1 - 2 hours, until you cannot see any mouldnests.


For safety`s sake asthmatically persons have to take a face-mask because of the mouldspores.



After removing the mould you have to spray BIOSAL Mould-free to the cleaned areas up to saturation (BIOSAL runs down the wall) and to distribute it with a sponge or paintbrush for impregnation, so that the breeding ground for mould is removed.

Repeat this impregnation after the impregnated area has dried up.

After drying you can paint the wall, by, either mixing BIOSAL Mould-free into the painting (use Silikatpainting, but not Acrylat or Dispersion) with a relation of 1: 10 (before painting take care about possible colour change), or the new surface has to be impregnated once again.