BIOSAL Mounting - 5 steps - quick and easy


Previous rehabilitations of wet walls have always been accompanied with considerable expenditure. Noise, mud and mortise work made living during the work impossible or restricted it crucial.

Mounting BIOSAL on the other hand is easy, quick and gentle, what guarantees that habitable during the work keeps possible without problems.


. Drill hole line


Before start mounting you must study absolutely the BIOSAL Instructions for use. Then drill holes have to be marked in exact prescribed distances - alternatively on the inside or outside of the wall which has to be rehabilitated - at each running meter seven to eleven holes.

Hight of drill holes is always measured beginning from the top of the floor and depends on the thickness of the wall (inkluding plaster). Up to 50 cm wall thickness hight of drill holes is always half of the thickness of the wall (e.g. wall 40 cm = drill height 20 cm), but at minimum 10 cm. 

Over 51 cm wall thickness drill height is always a third (e.g. wall thickness 75 cm = drill height 25 cm).

. Drill depth

On the drill with a diameter of 16 mm drill depth has to be marked with a adhesive tape.

Drill depth is always equivalent to the thickness of the wall (e.g. wall thickness 50 cm = drill depth 50 cm).

. Pre - drill

The drill is applied approximate horizontal on the marking to get a exact drill line.

At next drill a hole with a depth of approximate 10 mm depth.

Practice tip:
Before drilling the floor should be covered with plastic foil and/or paper in the drilling area

. Drilling

After the drill got hold the drill machine has to be turned and the correct drill depth drilled. In fact of the diagonal drilling angle only one side of the wall is damaged.

Angle of the drill depends on the thickness of the wall and is for walls with a thickness of at maximum 50 cm, 45 degree. 

Over a wall thickness of 51 cm the drill angle is reduced to 30 degree.

Practice tip:
Repeated pull out of the drill during drilling, keeps the drill hole as dust free as possible and the drill will not get stuck.

. nsert Cartouches

Insert BIOSAL Cartouches in the drill holes (ventilation hole on the out pulled tube must be on the top) and remove them only after complete penetrating of the material into the wall. Finished.

After approximately 1 week the drill holes can be shut with plaster.

Practice tip:
After removing salty plaster we reccomend the application of the raw walls with BIOSAL WALLSALTBINDER.

By the way, more then 60 % of our clients do the mounting themselves and save money.