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5,0 Liter can

Permanently damp ground penetrate walls which are not or not enough insulated with water, which rises slowly but steady trough the capillaries of the walls, untill it reaches ultimately the other (in)side of the walls.

Although BIOSAL WALLSALT BINDER is a chemical product, it contains no solvents which are damaging to the environment.
BIOSAL WALLSALT BINDER is absolutely odourless, environmental friendly, works anti-bacterially and prevents against mould.
Before a new rehabilitation plaster can be plastered (use only permeable plaster and/or colouring) the last layer of BIOSAL WALLSALT BINDER has to dry out on the wall. BIOSAL WALLSALT BINDER allows the walls to steam permeabill, binds wallsalts on the surface and posesses also depth effect inside the wall.