Mounting - Consumption

Before the work can begin, the plaster must be removed so that the bricks become free. Except of this are walls made of concrete from which only the colouring has to be removed. 

BIOSAL WALLSALT BINDER then has to be sprayed generously on the bricks or concrete and afterwards left to dry. 

Then the residue must be brushed off from the bricks and also from the groutings, by using a wire brush. In the last task BIOSAL WALLSALT BINDER must be sprayed twice, wet in wet, generously on the wall. 

Thatīs it.

Before a new rehabilitation plaster can be plastered (use only permeable plaster and/or colouring) the last layer of BIOSAL WALLSALT BINDER has to dry out on the wall. BIOSAL WALLSALT BINDER allows the walls to steam permeabill, binds wallsalts on the surface and posesses also depth effect inside the wall. 

The binding process neutralizes the wallsalts, what protects against furhter cristallization.

The material consumption depends on the absorbancy of the wallground and is about 0,5 liters for each mē.