Wallsalts easy neutralized


Permanently damp ground penetrate walls which are not or not enough insulated with water, which rises slowly but steady trough the capillaries of the walls, untill it reaches ultimately the other (in)side of the walls.

This moisture transports salt in dissolved form, which cristalizes on the surface of the wall and gets hygroscopic (moisture of the air is absorbed). Visual signs are white raised areas, in the vernacular called “Saliter”. 

These cristals force the plaster on the wall to crack and cause mould and mildew smell in fact of the absorption of water.

A serious mistake is often made in this situation, namely the replacement of the old plaster with a new one. Due to the fact that the salt in the wall is still present, it will force itself within a short periode through to the surface and continues its destructive process. 

BIOSAL WALLSALT BINDER provides here a permanent remedy and neutralizes the salt.