Biosal Cellarisolation

available as:

25 kg bucket

BIOSAL CELLAR INSULATION can then be applied using a brush, trowel or fine-plaster spray gun (see picture b., c., d.) to the prepared area in a process where the first layer must be at least as dry as the soil, before the second layer can follow. 
Application cannot be carried out in temperatures below 5 degrees celsius or on a frozen underground. 


BIOSAL CELLAR INSULATION is an innovative and highly specialised product which has profited from the experience of two decades of walldrying. To satisfy these requirements, BIOSAL CELLAR INSULATION must be able to do more than just insulate damp walls, or be water and salt resistent.  
The causes of a damp cellar are many and varying, ranging from neglected insulation, especially in historical buildings to rotting insulation materials or constructional errors. The result is that, regardless of the cause, as soon as the cellar walls are subject to soil moisture, the process of decay begins and the future use and value of the cellar will become more and more limited.